These are Mikao Usui’s own words from his explanation of Reiki therapy:

‘The Usui Reiki Therapy….does not therefore require an explicit consent on the part of the patient, or any loyalty to the practitioner concerned.Not only that, we practitioners of the Usui Reiki Therapy do not mind however much our practices are doubted, held in contempt or rejected. For example, the Usui Reiki Therapy is remarkably effective in treating even those who are unconscious of the world around them, such as infants* and patients with serious diseases…A great deal of diseases, displaying mental or physical symptoms are cured…The therapy does not involve the treatment of the body’s diseases alone. It can remedy a troubled heart or anguish, imbecility or a poor constitution generally, cowardice or timidity, indecision or infirmity of purpose, nervousness and other unfortunate conditions.’

*Parents and guardians are legally responsible for the health of their children and are required to consult a medical practitioner.


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