Stringent standards

All practitioners and teachers listed on this website have:    

  • been practising Usui Reiki for at least two years,    
  • provided character references    
  • supplied four testimonials from clients supporting their application OR have gained the Reiki Council Certificate of Professional Reiki Certificate    
  • Registered Master/Teachers are in addition experienced in teaching Reiki and have provided references from two students supporting their aplication.

Every member of this Society has been attuned in the physical presence of their Teacher. Reiki HATS does not believe that it is appropriate for people who have been taught at a distance to practise on the public.

Our members also have photo IDs.

To find your nearest Reiki practitioner or teacher, simply search either by region, member type (practitioner or teacher) or by choosing a key word. If you have any queries, please email us or ring 020 8462 1224.

Here are some hints to help you find or choose a Reiki organisation or choose a practitioner.

  • At The Reiki Guild, we check all the practitioners and teachers listed on this website. They all have character references, lineage checks, other checks of their training and understanding and know that we are committed to the highest standards in Reiki. Many 'directories' do not carry out checks.
  • Look for organisations that insist a practitioner has received their attunement/initiations in person. Usui Reiki can only be passed on in person. You cannot receive Usui Reiki from an e-book or by a distant process. 
  • A Reiki practitioner needs to have a lineage to Mikao Usui (a list of all the teachers that link him or her to this key lineage bearer) to meet the government set National Occupational Standards.
  • Professional associations require members to agree to a code of conduct and ethics
  • Duble-check is the Reiki that is being offered is traditional Usui Reiki. The term can often be used for 'energy' or healing modalities that have been made up in the last few years.
  • Your teacher or practitioner will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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