The Reiki Guild is an independent, non-profit making community for people who are attuned to Reiki, whether they’re practising publicly or not. We welcome Reiki people from all Usui lineages. We were set up in 1998 to create a network of Reiki people who set high standards that the public, medical and other authorities can call upon with confidence. We are an international organisation, based in the UK.

Stringent Standards

All practitioners and teachers listed on this website have been: practising Usui Reiki for at least two years, have provided character references, have supplied four testimonials from clients supporting their application. Teachers are also experienced in teaching Reiki and have provided references from two students supporting their aplication. Every member of this Guild has been attuned in the physical presence of their Teacher. The Reiki Guild believes it is inappropriate for people who have been taught at a distance to practise on the public. Our members also have photo IDs so you can be sure of their membership and identity.

How to contact us:

7 Deer Park Way West Wickham Kent BR4 9QQ Tel: 020 8462 1224


Rosemary Pharo, Acting Chair, 
 Andrew Chrysostomou

Jennifer Dean-Hill
Sandra Garrett

Alison Sandford

Val Goff

These positions are voluntary.
Our committee is not remunerated financially.
The administration is handled by an professional admin assistant.

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