There is a vast amount of research being carried out on non-physical systems of healing in general (or biofield energy) and on reiki in particular. We live in a universe full of electromagnetic energy, we measure the electrical activity of our brains and our hearts routinely (EEGs and ECGs) and it is no more than plain logic to work out that we ourselves at some level or levels must contain energy circuits – just as any domestic circuit keeps the energy flowing in our houses.Experientially we are all aware of the days when we are 'full of energy' and the days when our batteries feel 'drained'. Reiki  is a use and transmission of that energy that surrounds and interpenetrates us all at a more subtle level. There is certainly ample proof that it works (see Daniel Benor’s article) and beyond doubt is the sheer amount of room for debate as to the actual ‘hows’.

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