If you want proof that it matters what you think when you are healing, then see below… This is second short report on one of the lectures given at The Field Conference in London, April 2003. The Field Conference in London, April 2003 and organised by Lynne McTaggart of ‘What Doctors Don’t Tell You’. Entitled The Black Box Experiments the talk demonstrated what happens when you take four skilled meditators and get them to ‘imprint’ an intention upon a black box containing a simple electronic device. The lecturer was Walter Dibble, professor emeritus at Stanford University. He believed these experiments showed ‘robust experimental evidence for the effects of human intention on physical reality’. For him, one of the most fundamental pieces of data gathered was not the fact that the black boxes could change the pH of water by 1, or decrease the time it takes for fruit fly larvae to develop or significantly increase a liver enzyme - all of which were rigorously shown. In fact it was the presence of something that, according to the current physics parradigm is impossible. This was the noted presence in the laboratories that were carrying out these experiments over three to four months of magnetic monopoles. Since ‘big bang’ the universe has gone through a series of differing states. The current state is known as U(1) and in this state of electromagnetic guage symmetry it is only possible for magnets to exist as dipoles (ie positive and negative ends together on one magnet). For magnetic monopoles to exist (ie magnets which are just positive or negatively charged) the space would have to have changed to a condition nearer that to which it would have existed in closer to ‘big bang'. The next state up is called SU(2). This is simply not possible under the current laws of physics. Dr Dibble theorised that these ‘conditioned spaces’ that were created were similar to what happens in ‘sacred spaces’ - where the energies completely shift. For healers, this could, of course apply to healing rooms - and all through the power of intention. Dr Dibble also theorised that this could be a reason why experiments that work in sheds that have been used as inventing spaces for a long time will not work anywhere else - they can only work in this specially conditioned space. He also thought it may be that subtle energy and meridians and chakras exist in these higher ‘guage’ states - which is why it is difficult to record these energies with current electronic devices as the energies are in this different ‘dimension’. Coming back to the intentions, the other thing that healers can take forward is the precision with which the intentions were formulated: the more precise and detailed the intention, the greater the positive result. ‘If you want a really specific result from your intention then it has to be as detailed as possible’. The intention for changing the pH of the water was as follows: ‘To activate the indwelling consciousness of the system so that the IIED [electronic device] decreases (or increases) the pH of experiemental water by one pH unit compared to the control i.e. increase (or decrease) the H+ content of this water by a factor of 10.’ Those for the fruit fly larvae and liver enzymes were much longer and specified specific biological process and the chemicals involved in them in great detail. So if you are going to use intentions effectively it is important to understand exactly what is going on in a biological system. There is a website for Walter Dibble’s research partner, William Tiller. "Tiller.org":http://Tiller.org/

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