What Reiki means to me

Reiki underpins my world
Always there quiet and soft
Ready and waiting 'til I call
An old friend with whom sometimes I'm distant and sometimes close
But always there, a thought a way
When I'm helpless in all other ways
Events overtake me, there is no control
My most precious family and friends suffer in front of me
There is something I can do - Reiki
Positive, vibrant, not praying for someone else to take responsibility
Connecting to the energy, releasing it to do its work
And watching as harmony returns to my world.


What Reiki Means To Me.
Just For Today.....
Reiki is my inner strength,
My sanctuary, my sanity,
Times have been hard, faith stretched to the core,
Reiki has helped me to overcome, enabled me to endure,
When you are the one that carries the load,
Soldier on no time to implode,
When tears are close and emotions hard to hide,
I call upon my reiki guide,
Please give me the strength I pray to carry on another day,
I can't give up I cannot stop,
Please help me stand, don't let me drop,
As if in answer to my prayer, I feel the healing then and there,
In years gone past I couldn't have coped,
Reiki has become my healing hope,
Future brighter sun shines strong,
Reiki my eternal song,
Just for today I will not worry,
Just for today......................

Like an anchor and sail to add to my boat
Keeping me steady helping me float
Or the steering wheel and brakes on my car
Letting my soul travel safely afar
The solid ground beneath my feet
Keeps me stable whatever I meet
The fire in my soul and warmth in my heart
A glowing beacon to hold in the dark
Filling my being with glorious light
A blanket of warmth I can pull in tight
Merging and blending, helping me shine
Bringing me back to all that is mine
Ears to hear and eyes to see
The energy that lies within me
A symbol, a sign, to share everyday
Living my life the spiritual way
Sharing in this with countless souls
Joins an array of selfless goals
It is the journey, the gift, the prayer
Which offers us all our solace somewhere.


Reiki opened a door to my soul, to see all my gifts that make me whole.
Reiki lit the light of Love in my heart, to help me share Love and not stand apart.
Reiki spoke to me on all levels of my being, I was amazed and inspired by what I was seeing.
Reiki is in every breathe that I take, Giving me strength with every step I make.
Reiki inspires my words, deeds and thoughts, it satisfies the spiritual peace that I sought.
Reiki is my friend that always by my side, supporting my soul path as my faithful guide.


Connecting through the veil of illusion
Conecting through the valley of isolation
Cutting through all the myths we tell ourselves.
Who are we really?
Simply, what is the point?
There is only one point.
A soul is born on the sea of Maya
From non-being, to being and back again there is only
A flower is born, it rises from the lake of illusion and becomes.


Biscuit is a skewbald miniature Shetland pony. He was signed over to our Little ‘Uns Equine Rescue charity after being cruelly thrown over a gate into a farmer’s field from the side of a transit van. He had a badly injured leg which needed vet treatment and was also found to have a nasty back injury. For a couple of days at his temporary home he was in shock and very quiet. Once at our centre he was stabled and his leg treated. He was becoming more untrusting of people to the point that if we tried to touch him, he would strike out and was terrified. We were able to get his back injury treated by a Equine Sports Therapist and he was put into a little paddock. After that we couldn’t get near him. He was so scared and untrusting, not surprising after what he’d been through. Every time it seemed we were making progress, something would happen and we’d be right back to square one. Physically Biscuit was fine, it was just going to be time and patience needed to bring him round.
He looked a very sorry state but we couldn’t get near him to do anything about it.
We were making no progress with him in his paddock, so we had to bring him into a stable again and try to win his trust that way. Our Welfare officer, Cathy, handled him daily, and at times Biscuit seemed to be settling down. We were now at a point where he would let her do things, grooming his back, rubbing his face, but that was it. He was in desperate need of a farrier, but if we tried to touch his legs he freaked. We also needed to get him gelded.  
At this point we knew we couldn’t do this without outside help, and called in Alison Sandford, a Reiki healer we had previously used with great effect on another of our horses.
Alison had previously given us Sanjeevinis for Biscuit which we had given him and noticed a difference.
By the end of his session with Alison, Biscuit was standing quietly in the stable with both Alison and Cathy, totally relaxed and calm. He was like a different pony.
Since then Biscuit has come on in leaps and bounds. He has been groomed, walked out, even bridled. And is still calm and relaxed and friendly. It is such an amazing transformation, we really have to keep pinching ourselves. Where before we couldn’t get near him, now he follows us around the field and is taking an interest in people and the other ponies and life in general. Each day he just keeps getting better and better. It’s fantastic, and I can’t praise Alison’s work enough.

This section is currently under construction
My name is Clare Smith and I would like to share a small part of my story
about the difference Reiki has made to my life and that of my family.
I was introduced to Reiki in August 2007 by my Reiki teacher and good
friend Lin Rowden-Allen. She has accompanied and guided me along my Reiki
journey and for that she has my eternal gratitude.
I believe that everything in life happens for a reason and that Reiki found
me when I needed it most.
I am married and have three grown up children. Michael is 26, Andrew 24 and
Sian 21.
In 2007 my healthy son Andrew suddenly developed problems with his sight.
After a number of hospital consultations my husband and I went with Andrew
for his diagnosis three weeks before Christmas. Imagine the shock of being
told that your larger than life strapping lad with dreams of becoming a
policeman like his dad had dark patches on his brain and inflammation on
his brain stem.
This the young man who plays football, cricket, runs, and who is never ill
and never complains about anything health wise - other than man flu of
We were told that he has a condition known as Myasthenia Gravis. It is a
condition that affects the central nervous system. In Andrew's case it is
ocular, affecting his sight.
In medical terms little is known about the long term effects but we know
that he could end up in a wheelchair or facing blindness and it is possibly
We felt that we had been sucker punched and struggled to come to terms with
the long term obstacles that he may face, but we are a very strong family
unit and have all surrounded him with our love and support.
His story will form part of my presentation but suffice to say he has been
an inspiration to family and friends and is a very brave young man.
The hardest times were in the small hours of the night when unable to
sleep Andrew and I spent alot of time talking about how he was feeling and
with me doing my "it's all going to be alright", mum speech but feeling
anything but. I gave him healing sessions that helped him sleep and to deal
with the headaches that he suffered.
In the early days I would give myself healing to help me sleep as my mind
would be whirring around with all kinds of feelings normally negative and
counter - productive. It would normally take me about 10 to 15 minutes to
calm my thoughts enough to enable me to drift off.    
Every night I would send Andrew distance healing to
give him inner strength and still do. All three of my children live away
from home and it is a definite perk to have Reiki at my fingertips as I
also send them distance healing every night.
Andrew now lives in a flat with a friend and we helped them move in on the
7th of January this year.
I think my children are slightly sceptical about the power of Reiki but I
know that it has helped me and if it helps me then as far as I am concerned
it helps them!!
I still try to adhere to one particular Reiki Ideal: "Just for today do not
worry", not easy when you have children living away from home but it does
I wanted to do something for the Myasthenia Gravis Association an
organisation that helps with research and also supporting sufferers of the
condition. We are all bombarded with requests from friends and family to
sponsor them for a good cause on a regular basis so I made the decision to
do something that would make people realise I was serious .....
Reiki played an enormous part in preparing me for my adventure so if you
would like to know what happens next and how I prepared for this you will
have to come along to the AGM when the date is set and hear the next
instalment. I say the next because I have no doubt there are more to follow.
Thank you,
Clare Smith.

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